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Unleash Your Cricket Fantasy with CricPlay

Are you a die-hard cricket fan with a passion for fantasy cricket? Look no further! Welcome to CricPlay, the brainchild of a dedicated team of cricket enthusiasts who believe that fantasy cricket is a game for all to savor. With CricPlay, you can immerse yourself in the exhilaration of competing with cricket aficionados worldwide while showcasing your cricketing prowess. Let's dive into the immersive world of CricPlay, where your cricketing dreams take flight.

Discover the Game Formats on CricPlay

1. CricPlay Daily Fantasy League

In the CricPlay Daily Fantasy League, you become the owner of your cricket team. Pick your favorite 11 cricketers from both teams in an upcoming match and form your dream Fantasy Team—all of this, absolutely free! But there's a catch: you have a budget of 1000 credits to work with. Your team must adhere to the following guidelines:

Moreover, on CricPlay, you'll select one player as your captain and another as your vice-captain. Your captain's points will be doubled when calculating your team's score, while your vice-captain's points are boosted by 1.5X. It's a strategic game of cricket expertise, budget management, and team selection.

2. CricPlay Predictions

Put your cricketing acumen to the test by making predictions on various match outcome questions using your hard-earned coins on CricPlay. If your predictions hit the bullseye, you'll reap the rewards, multiplying your coin stash. Predict aspects such as:

...and much more.

CricPlay offers five types of contests in the Predictions category on CricPlay:

Realize the Thrill of Live Updates on CricPlay

The contest leaderboard updates in real time on CricPlay. Keep a close eye on your rank and witness every run, four, six, catch, or wicket taken by a cricketer in your team boost your points. At the culmination of the cricket match, rewards are distributed based on the final leaderboard.

CricPlay Coins: Your Currency for Glory

While CricPlay is predominantly free to play, some contests may require you to spend CricPlay coins to participate. Don't worry; you can earn these coins by winning contests and referring your friends to join CricPlay. It's worth noting that CricPlay is a virtual currency gaming app and does not offer real money rewards. Enjoy the thrill of competing with cricket enthusiasts from around the globe using CricPlay coins.

Get Started Today with CricPlay!

Create your Dream Cricket Team for free and embark on the journey to victory with CricPlay. Join us and revel in the world of fantasy cricket like never before on CricPlay!

Now, gather your cricketing wisdom, assemble your fantasy team, and let the games begin on CricPlay!