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How to Play Fantasy Akhada: Your Gateway to Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Akhada is your gateway to the world of fantasy sports, where your sports knowledge and skill can shine. This platform offers a thrilling experience for cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, and hockey enthusiasts. Create your dream team of real players and compete for glory on Fantasy Akhada. Here's how you can get started and master the art of fantasy sports:

Step 1: Choose A Fantasy Akhada Match

Select a match from the upcoming cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, or hockey tournaments on Fantasy Akhada. Your journey into the world of fantasy sports begins by choosing a live or upcoming game on Fantasy Akhada.

Step 2: Create Your Fantasy Akhada Team

With 100 credits at your disposal, assemble your Fantasy Akhada team. Use your sports knowledge and strategic thinking to build a winning team on Fantasy Akhada. The team composition varies depending on the sport:

Cricket on Fantasy Akhada:

Football on Fantasy Akhada:

Kabaddi on Fantasy Akhada:

Basketball on Fantasy Akhada:

As you build your team on Fantasy Akhada, use the player info feature to make informed choices. Keep an eye on the number of players added, available credits, and the match deadline on Fantasy Akhada.

Step 3: Choose your Fantasy Akhada Captain and Vice-Captain

Every successful team needs strong leadership. Choose your Fantasy Akhada Captain and Vice-Captain wisely, as they play a crucial role in your team's performance on Fantasy Akhada. Your Captain earns double points, while the Vice-Captain gets 1.5 times the points scored by them in the actual game.

Step 4: Create Multiple Fantasy Akhada Teams

Diversify your strategies by creating up to 50 teams per match on Fantasy Akhada. Join contests with any of your created teams to maximize your chances of winning. The 'CREATE TEAM' button makes it easy to craft multiple line-ups on Fantasy Akhada.

Step 5: Manage Your Fantasy Akhada Team

Stay on top of the game by using the 'Edit Team' button to make changes to your Fantasy Akhada team until the match deadline. This feature also allows you to switch your Captain or Vice-Captain as needed. Keep track of your players' availability in real matches on Fantasy Akhada to make informed adjustments.

Step 6: Join a Fantasy Akhada Contest

Participate in Fantasy Akhada's free or cash contests to showcase your skills and win exciting prizes. You can also create private leagues on Fantasy Akhada to compete with your friends and prove your expertise.

Step 7: Follow the Fantasy Akhada Match

Watch the real game and follow your fantasy scorecard, which updates in real-time on Fantasy Akhada. Celebrate your chosen players' outstanding performances and enjoy the thrill of fantasy sports on Fantasy Akhada.

Step 8: Withdraw Your Fantasy Akhada Winnings

When you're ready to claim your winnings, you can instantly withdraw them from your Fantasy Akhada account. A one-time verification is required for added security.

Fantasy Akhada offers an exhilarating platform to put your sports knowledge to the test. So, gear up and show the world your skills as a Fantasy Sports Manager on Fantasy Akhada. Join us today and embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of fantasy sports!